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River Street Anthology Session Video

2017 May 8
by Mike Vial

In July of 2016, I went to Matt Jones’s basement to tape a session for his wonderful River Street Anthology. Charlie Steen & Mostly Midwest captured the session on video too, and they posted it today!

Matt’s been taping songwriters in his basement for a few years now. The sessions started on whim, and grew into a full blown anthology of many corners of Michigan. Like Alan Lomax, Jones has made it a mission to capture the flavors of songwriting, specifically in Michigan.

Last July, Gentry and I were deep into mixing process of my record A World That’s Bigger, and my chops were firing on all cylinders. I had already done 150 takes live for the record, so doing one more take live wasn’t daunting!

I had trouble deciding which song to record for the anthology, so I let my wife choose. Without hesitation, she told me to play Ginny’s song.

The first verse captures a scene of our home in Dixboro, an image of walking my daughter down the road to the baseball field, where a one-room school house and historic revival church await us, and the overwhelming questions about life…I got a notification was posted today, as I was walking Ginny down that very road.aworldthatsbiggerfield

Thanks for watching my session. You can see many more of Jones’s anthology here at The River Street Vimeo page.


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