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#BuskingWiththeBridge 90.9 FM Video Sessions

2016 February 22

I met some wonderful musicians while we were waiting to tape sessions for the Bridge 90.9 FM. The videographers had worked a long shift, and asked us if we’d wait through their lunch break.

The break turned out to be valuable because Plu, Cameron Calloway, Sonia and I got chat for an hour and chill during the hectic FAI conference. Cameron, Sonia and I ended up hanging out most of the night at Folk Alliance.

Here’s our #BuskingwiththeBridge 90.9 sessions!

My session – “A World That’s Bigger”

Cameron Calloway – “April 23rd”

Sonia Seelinger – “Cinnamon Skin”

Sarah Clanton – “Stormy Baby”

Plu – “[Losing Touch] title translated from Welsh]

(Yep, that’s my Taylor 514ce guitar in the session!)

You can watch the rest of the Bridge’s sessions here, including Bobby Long who taped right before us! #BuskingWiththeBridge – watch here

Band Links:
Cameron Calloway | Sonia Seelinger | Plu
90.9 FM The Bridge | | |

Ginny approves of these video sessions.

Ginny approves of these video sessions.



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