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Pull the Plug Podcast Oct 19 is up!

2012 October 20
by Mike Vial

The Pull the Plug Podcast featuring songs from Paul Federici and I performing live are up!

Special thanks to Shannon, Justin and Justin for having us on the show. The Pull the Plug podcast is recorded at the Sound Distillery in Kitchener, Ontario.

Pull the Plug Podcast Outline:

  1. Intro
  2. –song: “Little Stream of Whiskey” Old Man Louadec (2:40)
  3. Paul Federici Fundraiser recap
  4. Damn Fine Day, Mike Vial (10:35)
  5. Phil’s tailgate bet on Youtube (15:00)
  6. –song: “Last Time” Jacquin Van Happen
  7. “We’re Really Angry” by Michael Angry Hawkins
  8. –song: “Enuck Shuck” – The Dickins
  9. Recap of Paul Federici’s Fundraiser; interview with Passion Parties
  10. Please Don’t Break, Paul Federici (36:45)
  11. Recap of Paul Federici’s Fundraiser
  12. Lonely Heart, Paul Federici (48:41)
  13. PtP Movie Update (52:40)
  14. I Will, Mike Vial (57:00)
  15. PtP Music News (1:01:01)
  16. Only the Rain Knows Why, Mike Vial (1:08:06)
  17. Beatles Painting (1:10:00)
  18. –Song: What Are You People Made Of, Justin Briner (1:14:20)

Photo Credit: Paul Federici

Paul Federici recording at the PtP podcast at the Sound Distillery, with William Muir behind the board.

Paul and the PtP cast: Justin, Justin and Shannon

At the Sound Distillery


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