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First day of the tour and the Catholic Church already called the cops on me.

2012 March 21
by Mike Vial

Being on tour is expensive, especially with gas close to $4 a gallon; however, I thought I’d be smart and cut down on food expensives by having picnicks during my off times, avoid restaurants and fast food by eating, simple healthy meals. Little did I know, this would lead me to meet two, nice officers of the Schaumburg police.

You see, Google Maps shows two large parks right by Chicago City Limits. I arrived to my gig really early, and I decided to spend the afternoon at Atcher Park. Why not enjoy some of this gorgeous, early summer-like weather before being cooped up in a bar all night, right? I found some park benches and read a magazine.

The scene of the crime...

However, I guess these park benches are over the line of the public park and on the St. Marcelline Parish’s “private property.” A representive of the church called the police and told them a man was “camping” on their property.

So this leads to two cop cars arriving to investigate the scary musician eating some goldfish crackers and reading the Illinois Entertainer while laying on a blanket.

Honestly, the cops were pretty cool. Once they realized I simply thought I was using the public park (which was like 30 feet away), they were joking about the “incident.” As I drove away, one of the cops yelled, “Rock out Slayer at your gig!”

So now I’m at a Starbucks, kind of chuckling that the Catholic Church called the cops on a fellow Catholic.

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