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Noreastr 24 Hr. Song Challenge!

2011 April 9
by Mike Vial

(If you just asked, “What is the Noreastr Festival?” read this blog and check out their website.)

Breaking news! I just pitched an idea and the board liked it, so I will be hosting the first ever 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge during the Noreastr Festival in June. Best of all, it’s free for festival attendees to participate!

Here’s how it works. On Saturday (probably around 11 AM), I’ll be hosting a songwriting challenge workshop. Particpants will be assigned three words, and they will have 24 hours to write a song using those three words. The only rules for the competition is the lyrics must use those three words in some way (not only in the title).

Then, on Sunday  participants will meet up for an “in-the-round” songwriting circle  to share their creations. Prizes will be awarded for winners, but the main goal is to inspire creation and community. Also, I’ll be featuring regular blogs with songwriting tips each week leading up to Noreastr Festival (June 10-12).

* * *

I must give credit where credit is due: My idea was inspired from my participation in last year’s Ypsilanti Songwriting Festival‘s at the Ypsilanti District Library. Here’s a video of me playing at the YSF10.

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