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Early jamming sessions with toddler; mash setlist for Oct 27

2018 October 20
by Mike Vial

Alton awoke at 4:45 AM, ready to play! Fortunately, the coffee pot was set to auto brew.

As the rest of the family slept, Alton and I had breakfast and listenedto music. He let me rehearse guitar at the kitchen table while he was playing with Cheerios (AKA: hand-feeding them to the dog).

I’ve been working out some covers and originals, ones I haven’t played in years, for my mash gig next weekend.
These songs are taking me back to my first year gigging full time, after leaving teaching in 2011.

As I play these songs, I feel that weird sense of anxiety from that musical year, an unease of self-employment, yet freedom to drive to any gig. I could practice for four hours, then play a gig for four hours.

This now contrasts with routine of teaching and parenthood that consumes every second of the day…

Anyways, come join me for a drink and song at mash in the basement of the Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery in Ann Arbor, on October 27, 6-9 PM.

I’m playing quite a few of these cover songs, and taking requests of originals:


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