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Are you afraid of the dark, too?

2018 June 13
by Mike Vial
Like how America faces its guilt for the Japanese internment camps during WWII, future generations will look back at how we treated migrant families seeking asylum, with confusion, shame.
Our own children will grow up to be adults that read and discuss these current events. They will read how our country took children, toddlers, babies away from breastfeeding mothers and crying fathers, families seeking asylum from horrible conditions.
10, 20, 30 years from now, people my age are going to be asked by our own children about this moment in history.
The younger generations aren’t going to accept the current illogical excuses and arguments. In the future, this won’t be political, just amoral…The future generations will immediately see this for what it is, wrong–just like how we see the past political choices of the internment camps.
Sadly, we’ve learned nothing about fear, even if we have nothing to fear, but fear itself…
So we need to speak out against this treatment of asylum seekers, everyday, until it ends.
Today, my three-year-old, Ginny, tripped playing outside, and my one-year-old, Al, had difficult sleeping because he’s teething. I was able to hold them, comfort them.
Tonight, someone in a caged-fenced area is distraught over their child’s whereabouts; and their innocent child is facing the worst fear imaginable:
Are you afraid of the dark, too? That darkness is our country’s soul.

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