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Michigan Music Spotify Playlist

2018 March 3
by Mike Vial

TL;DR: A Spotify playlist of Michigan music that leans towards folk, acoustic, pop genres. Follow here:

“Scaling the Peaks of Michigan Music”

I released my first record 10 years ago, using money earned from teaching freshmen literature and playing gigs at horrible sports bars.

Mike Gentry & I at mash bar, Ann Arbor 2018. Photo credit: Doug Coombe

Mike Gentry & I at mash bar, Ann Arbor 2018. Photo credit: Doug Coombe

And this cracked western cedar guitar–the one that saved my life–continues to join me on every trip to corners of Michigan one would never think to visit, if it wasn’t for some chance to strum and sing; this crazed pursuit of music that leaves one energized or exhausted, every day.

I continue to meet other cracked guitars and hands, those who insanely pick up the stones of creativity too, ones who know what it means to drop it down the jagged edges of the mountain, again and again.

I’ve been slowly collecting my favorite songs from these Michigan artists I’ve met on the road, and I want to share some with you.

You might hear your next favorite song. You might find the next famous songwriter before the rest of the world does. Or you might be inspired to travel to a tiny coffee house in a small town you didn’t know existed, just to hear that person scale the peaks of song again.


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