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Setlist 17 Feb 2018 – Flint Folk Music Society

2018 February 18
by Mike Vial

Flint Folk Music Society, Flint, MI

  1. Girl on the Mountain, Boy on the Beach
  2. One Way Road
  3. Running on Empty (Jackson Browne)
  4. A World That’s Bigger
  5. Damn Fine Day
  6. I Just Want to Be Your Last
  7. Little Drum
  8. Don’t Mess Around with Jim (Jim Croce)
  9. Set 2: Two Angels (June 22, 1996 – Ann Arbor)
  10. Burning Bright
  11. God Only Knows (Beach Boys)
  12. I Will (If Your Plane Is Late)
  13. Only the Rain Knows Why
  14. California Cries (May 30, 1942 – San Leandro)
  15. Free to Dream
Fun night in Flint! Thanks for posting photos, hereLori & Barbara!
Gig #1182 is one for archives: I sliced my left index finger while teaching Thursday. (Don’t ask how. Fifth hour won’t let me forgot it!) After it happened, I thought for sure my Saturday gig was ruined. After the doctored glued up the cut, he said go for it! I’m so happy I got to play tonight.

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