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Giglife Diaries: MSU vs. U of M Game Day

2017 October 8
by Mike Vial

#giglife diaries: A scene at a bar in Ann Arbor.

[I finish singing a song that I like. Drunk dude in football jersey walks up.]

Drunk dude in football jersey: Can you play something *stronger*?

Me: Probably not.

DDiFJ: Like “Piano Man”?

Me: I know [name five other Billy Joel songs].

DDiFJ: Ok, don’t play any Billy Joel, how about some Dave Matthews?

Me: Oh, OK.

DDiFJ: Great, here’s $10. PLAY IT!

[I start playing “Ants Marching.” Another table boos. I just play three of my own songs after this.]

* * * * * *

Reading comprehension test for class tomorrow:

Which theme best describes the above passage:
A. A musician should never play a gig during MSU/U of M game day.
B. Dave Matthews Band is a superior songwriter than Billy Joel.
C. Live musicians are jukeboxes.
D. $10 is worth this interaction.
E. Hearing someone play “Piano Man” on the acoustic guitar is distressing.


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