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Poem: “Twenty/Twenty”

2017 January 10
by Mike Vial


I do not fear the doctor
or his needle used to poke
Nor fear a vaccination
that sting my skin bespoke

I do not fear the dentist
can face a cavity
If I lose that rotten tooth
still share a smile of glee

I do not fear prescriptions
that’s fine, I’ll pop a pill
A visit to the pharmacist
that syrup I will swill

I do not fear the surgeon
nor fear her helpful nurse
I’ll breath their anesthetic
it cannot cure my curse

See, I’m afraid of blindness
my failed acuity
I hear the ophthalmologist
but his chart I cannot read

I know not if one is better
it seems the same as two
I make approximations
and say the sky is blue

I feel my vision fading
like a floater lost at sea
A sunspot on the surface
the princess and the pea

I fall into the looking glass
yet never find the hare
Nor face that sailed 1000 ships
it’s impolite to stare

I walk within the forest
where no fox is found
A trail that now is overgrown
and tired is the hound

I’ll soon be on this journey
only guided by my ear
I’ll listen for your footsteps;
lead me away from here

25 November 2013



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