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mLive feature & Ark Show

2016 October 27
by Mike Vial

I found out mLive ran their article (click here to read) about my upcoming Ark show and accident as I was leaving physical therapy, and saw a missed text message from Chris Buhalis:

“I’ve heard of people using saw injuries to promote their careers, but getting hit by a car just to get some publicity seems desperate.”


Thanks to Marty Slagter for interviewing me.

Heads up Michigan music fans: Chris Buhalis’s brilliant new album, Big Car Town, is now on iTunes, Spotify, etc!

(One correction: no songs are about Dan Achen on this new record. Slagter asked about my music history and how I found myself writing about the life and death theme. I got a rambling about how great Dan Achen was as a producer, how he died suddenly before we finished recording Burning the Boats at Catherine North Studios, etc.)


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