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Your voice > a Meme

2015 December 23
by Mike Vial

When we were in elementary school, we would open the crayon box and color, outside the lines, often making own illustrations. If the teacher asked, “Who can sing?” every kid would raise their hands, including you.

As adults, let’s remember:

  • Making your own art is more powerful than sharing that JPG or GIF meme.
  • Writing in your own voice is more powerful than copying-and-pasting a chain post, like one phrased, “Not one of my Facebook friends will copy and paste…”
  • Singing your own song will fulfill you more than singing a cover song (even if it won’t make you more money, or get you the most attention).
  • Writing a unique tweet about your next show is more interesting than your ReverbNation account auto tweeting a sterile tweet for you.

We have the opportunity–a privilege, a freedom, a choice–to use our own voices.

I bet that’s what your circle wants to hear the most from you, too.


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