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Bless This Morning Year: an Instrumental Playlist, & a Little Hope

2015 November 20
by Mike Vial

After last week’s violence, I still felt that cloud of hopelessness yesterday, even though Michigan’s weather was unusually sunny and warm. Have you been feeling down, too?

Yesterday, I went to do some writing at the Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor. On a whim, I asked my friends on Facebook what instrumental music is their soundtrack to work time.

I almost made a closed-minded request for only songs that were acoustic based music. (No surprise that I’m a sucker for the acoustic guitar, old blues, and old jazz.)

Fortunately, I asked an open-ended inquiry. I got hours worth of great recommendations for new electronic based music, some classical, and some unique ambient works.

And then something else happened while I was compiling the songs into a playlist.  I started feeling a little better, a little hopeful.

It’s not only a feeling gained from the music; it was a from a feeling of connection. Friends simply offering, “Hey, listen to Jonsi & Alex” or “Do you remember Explosions in the Sky?” I felt hopeful.

So here’s instrumental playlist of music to use for work time, from Chris Thile’s Bach interpretations on mandolin to Brian Eno’s classic sounds, to Helio’s piano mixed with electronic tones in “Bless This Morning Year”.

Get some work done. Stay openminded. And thank you for being there.

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