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It’s good to have two passions

2015 October 13
by Mike Vial

Today, I was talking with my friend Craig Carrick (musician, festival volunteer, Guitars for Kids benefit creator), and I mentioned, “I think about the business of music too much; it’s exhausting.”

He chuckled while replying, “Me too!”

I realized when I hung up the phone how important my other passion (mainly writing) is with keeping me excited, and sane.

I enjoy writing poems, almost as much as I enjoy playing guitar and writing songs; however, I have no larger ambition with my poems than to write them, post them, and maybe self-publish a little chapbook; and to keep writing. I feel no pressure–illusion–to make money from it, which might be why I love it so much!

And writing poems doesn’t cost me anything, except the time spent doing it. (OK, and the coffee I drink at Moon Winks Cafe, my office away from my office.)

I think it’s valuable  for creatives to have a second passion they can dabble with doing, for fun, free from the stress of trying to “make it” with that medium.

Art begs art. Go make some art today.

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