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Music Study: Being Patient and Impatient

2015 January 26

When my guitar students are working on a difficult technique, like learning chords, I tell them to be patient and impatient.

As students, we must be patient with ourselves to avoid frustration, to avoid quitting too soon. We must also be impatient with ourselves to stick with a practice routine, to review the concepts daily.

It’s a delicate balance for learning, being patient and impatient.

* * *

I’ve been applying this concept to my own music studies.

For my set at Folk the Police, I felt intimated learning two rap songs that had 1425 words total, but I wanted to perform the songs for memory. (To compare, my original song “Made a Mess” has 117 words in it!)

I had to be patient with myself to avoid getting frustrated.

I also had to be impatient with myself, too.

I originally planned to sing “Regulators,” but I wasn’t happy with how my version was sounding. The song wasn’t gelling after six weeks of practicing, so I made the right choice, and switched to Snoop’s “Gin and Juice” two weeks before the concert.

* * *

Thanks again to everyone who attended Folk the Police last night and host Matthew Alturda of Tree Town Sound! Once or twice a year, I get to perform for that many people in one spot, like last night’s sold out Blind Pig. It was a real treat!

Video credit: @b_lyfe on Instagram

Video credit: @b_lyfe on Instagram









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