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Seeds of Music – Where Ideas Are Born

2014 October 7
by Mike Vial

Kyle Williams told me he got the idea for Seeds of Music when he was talking to a musical friend about his own music dilemma.

A few years ago, Kyle said he was felt a confused about what to do next as a songwriter and musician with the current chaos of the music industry; his friend offered advice that planted a larger seed.

“Why not interview successful and motivated folks in the music business?”

Seeds of Music was born! And it’s become a great site, full of interviews with music professionals about topics all artists face.

In September, while Natalie and I were living in a hotel and trying to close on our house, Kyle reached out to me. He asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview with Seeds of Music. Our talk was a nice break from my stressful month of uncertainty. Uncertainty, a theme, indeed!

The main theme of the interview was about building a mailing list, but we also discussed some of the other aspects of working in music, aka, making a living! Our video interview is here

After the interview concluded, I chatted with Kyle for an additional hour about his thoughts on music and goals. Kyle feeds on the positive attitudes, even if the music business is difficult to predict.

I walked away inspired. His site might offer some seeds for you, too.


PS: Here are two of my favorite interview’s Kyle’s conducted so far:

1. Jack Conte – Patreon gives new meaning to patronage and the creative class!

2. Gabriel Mann: How to make a living as a musician? Be Useful (AWESOME THEME!)

Note, I misspoke in my interview and meant to reference Gabriel Mann. (I accidentally said Brandon Mann; not sure why baseball was on my mind.)



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