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Poem: “Leviathan’s Tail”

2013 November 16
by Mike Vial

“Leviathan’s Tail”

When I cast myself out to sea,
I expected to face a tempest;
Instead, I found a calm route to
Nothingness; empty dissonance.
I was swallowed up by a creature
Larger than the great whale’s belly,
With walls indefinable; transparent,
But trapping. I followed a map like
Leviathan’s long tail, extending farther
Than the horizon, where Muse was left
To perish. When is our next Renaissance?
For whom have the history books’
Blank pages been predetermined?
I followed the songs of the Sirens, too,
Captivated by their melodies, led off course;
But rather than be consumed by monsters,
I was ignored; a meal left to rot in the sun.
I may not be a great sailor, but my adventure
Was still heroic. I only hope it does not
Inspire others to become lost at sea.

November 16, 2013

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