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Poem: “The Silver Maple”

2013 November 13
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by Mike Vial

“The Silver Maple”

In my backyard, a maple tree
Stands alone ignoring winter.
Its branches hold leaves
Like a coatless girl
Clutching the hood
Of an old sweatshirt
While running to the bus stop.

Am I the only one who finds
November difficult?
The sun sets before
I’ve prepared dinner,
But the night arrives
After I’ve caught a cold.

Then, I look out the window:
Instead of autumn leaves,
The ground is covered with snow.
Before I can ask,
“Who’s knocking at my door?”
Winter has let himself in,
And he plans to stay
Well past his welcome.

I am now resigned to this fact,
But I still feel sadness;
Even the maple tree
Must let go.

November 13, 2013


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