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Frances Luke Accord

2013 September 13

At a Chicago open mic Monday, I met a fantastic duo named Frances Luke Accord. Brian and Nick are an acoustic, folk pop duo. Picture Simon & Garfunkel meeting Nickelcreek.

Anyways, we struck up a conversation, traded CDs, and I asked them where they recorded their debut.

“Uganda” the young songwriters said.

Yep! Uganda. It knocked my socks off, too.

During their senior year in college, FLA was invited to visit the Barefoot Truth Children’s Choir of the Kkindu Village in Uganda. With the help from donations by family, friends and grants from Notre Dame, the seniors recorded a seven song CD featuring the children’s choir.

All of the profits are donated to the children’s education.

Did your heart just skip too?

These young songwriter’s aspired to follow the footsteps of Paul Simon’s Graceland with a unique work that gives back to a community miles and miles away. Brian told me they’ve raised $5000 from the CD sales already.

So I’m crossing the Mississippi River today, listening to the record, and it’s just beautiful. I’ve listened to it on repeat all day.

The next time someone tells you art or music can’t make a difference, or college students only drink beer all day, just whisper, Frances Luke Accord.

You need to hear this:


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