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Lois Adventures

2012 February 11
by Mike Vial

The Lois Growth Chart

Our puppy Lois has been growing at an alarming rate!  Lois is now five months old and her amiable personality is starting to show. We adopted her in November 2011 when she was a sleepy, six weeks old, eight pounds bubble of fur. Now she is probably 50 lbs and an energetic burst of playfulness!

Gunshy shows Lois where cookies appear, in the kitchen.

Lois and Gunshy are officially best friends. Gunshy has been a great, big brother to Lois, teaching her “sit” and “go to blanket” within weeks. (However, Lois hasn’t quite learned “High-Five!” yet.)

Lois tends to be a little needy with the cuddles, but the three of us are managing her constant climbing over our faces while we sleep pretty well as a team.

"Seriously, baby. I'm trying to sleep!"

Lois has not really got to experience a true, Michigan winter; however, she has had some romps in the few snowy sceneries we’ve had. The Free Press tweeted a photo of Lois’s first snowy experience a few months ago.

Lois's photo shoot for the Detroit Free Press

Here’s a snowy run Gunshy and Lois enjoyed in January:

Newborn Lois and her kissing siblings!

While Lois really enjoys napping,  don’t let these pictures fool you. She’s usually running circles around Gunshy in the loft, crewing on gloves and shoes, or jumping into guests’ laps while they are sitting on the couch. 

My favorite, beautiful girls!

Lois insists on sharing all couch naps.

Lois made some new friends when Becca was doggy sitting. Becca has two beagles!

Lois enjoyed Christmas, especially the wrapping paper.

Usually these two are cuddle buddies, unless Lois is biting Gunshy's nub tail.

We love taking the dogs to the park by the Howell Soccer Field.

Lois adoption day!

This was Lois's first night home, and she determined Gunshy was her pillow.

Can you find baby Lois in the litter of her brothers and sisters?

Chasing sticks and chasing Mom!

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