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Early jamming sessions with toddler; mash setlist for Oct 27

2018 October 20
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by Mike Vial

Alton awoke at 4:45 AM, ready to play! Fortunately, the coffee pot was set to auto brew.

As the rest of the family slept, Alton and I had breakfast and listenedto music. He let me rehearse guitar at the kitchen table while he was playing with Cheerios (AKA: hand-feeding them to the dog).

I’ve been working out some covers and originals, ones I haven’t played in years, for my mash gig next weekend.
These songs are taking me back to my first year gigging full time, after leaving teaching in 2011.

As I play these songs, I feel that weird sense of anxiety from that musical year, an unease of self-employment, yet freedom to drive to any gig. I could practice for four hours, then play a gig for four hours.

This now contrasts with routine of teaching and parenthood that consumes every second of the day…

Anyways, come join me for a drink and song at mash in the basement of the Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery in Ann Arbor, on October 27, 6-9 PM.

I’m playing quite a few of these cover songs, and taking requests of originals:


Fall/Winter 2018 gig update

2018 September 7
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by Mike Vial

Now that I’ve finished my summer tour and started another semester teaching, I’m taking a break from gigging, except for my monthly residency at mash in Ann Arbor. I’m enjoying my weekends with family and songwriting during my break. See you soon, or at mash!

Gigs at mash: 6-9 PM, 21+
211 E. Washington, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  • Sat, 1 Dec. 2018
  • Sat, 15 Dec. 2018
  • Sat, 23 Feb. 2019
  • Sat, 30 March 2019
  • Sat, 27 April, 2019


Arts, Beats, and Eats today

2018 September 2
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by Mike Vial

Last summer gig with Mike Gentry Music is today, before I have to replace a guitar strap with a tie around my neck.

Gentry and I are sharing a set at Arts, Beats & Eats today, Sunday: 1 PM. OCC Acoustic Stage off of Washington, next to Royal Oak Taphouse.
Arts, Beats and Eats – Sunday 9/2


Setlist: June 30, 2018 – House Concert

2018 July 1
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by Mike Vial

June 30, 2018 – Harris Family House Concert, Holly, MI
(Studio versions of songs linked)

Set 1:

  1. A World That’s Bigger
  2. I Just Want to Be Your Last
  3. Here Comes the Sun (Beatles)
  4. One Way Road
  5. Kalamazoo
  6. Running on Empty (Jackson Browne)
  7. Burning Bright
  8. Only the Rain Knows Why

Set 2:

  1. Damn Fine Day
  2. Only God Knows Why (Beach Boys)
  3. Little Drum
  4. Two Angels (June 22, 1996 – Ann Arbor)*
  5. Change the World (Eric Clapton/Tommy Simms)
  6. Made a Mess

*an unreleased song, but a demo is linked. I’m working on a new record of songs about historic moments of individual heroism, tentatively called Profiles in Courage.


107.1 FM Radio Interview & Holly House Concert

2018 June 30
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by Mike Vial

Summer got hot here in Michigan! I’m not complaining. Last night’s gig outside at mash was great people and doggie watching. Plus,  the outdoor crowd on the patio were tipping!

Next gig: I’m playing a house concert tonight in Holly, MI! 7 PM. Message us for info:

Also, Mike Gentry and I will be playing live on 107.1 FM on Sunday, July 8th at 6 PM on Matthew Altruda’s Tree Town Sound show to discuss Gentry’s new record, the tour, and Ark show. Tune in: