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Giving Piggyback Rides During the Pandemic

2020 May 3
by Mike Vial

Staying home during the pandemic is a political response–a larger, yet less demonstrative response than a few hundred at a rally at the Capitol. I paraphrase Nicole Henner to remind us that collectively, we are the actual power of action.

I drove through downtown Ann Arbor last night and listened to music. Everyone I saw was demonstrating social distancing measures, excluding four, teenage skateboarders in Kerrytown (who probably hangout every day, so let’s just call them a family).

Many people were wearing masks. People were giving each other space as they walked their dogs. There were no large Saturday parties that I witnessed.

In the news, we will hear of people ignoring social distancing, but we don’t see the majority who are. For example, yes, Belle Isle may be packed today; however, my local park included people letting each other pass, runners choosing different forks in the road, mask wearing walkers. My entire neighborhood is practicing social distancing.

Don’t let a photo of 0.005%-0.01 of your city’s population raise your anxiety. May we focus on our sphere of control. My family is only 0.003% of Ann Arbor…but they are 100% of my heart today.

I’m thinking of you all on this Sunday. May you get a great piggy ride, like Alton did, on this big, beautiful Earth.


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