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Don’t Sing!

2020 January 10
by Mike Vial

A one scene play called, Don’t Sing!

Setting: An American family’s home in Ann Arbor. The Frozen 2 soundtrack plays in the background.)

Alton: No! Trolls! Trolls’ songs!
Me: I just want to listen to Frozen, for one song.
Alton: No!
Me: [I start singing]: Into the unknown!
Ginny: Stop singing! Dada! Stop singing!
Me: Why can’t I sing?
Ginny: Stop!
Me: But Ginny, I’m actually a singer! I literally get paid to sing!
Ginny: Well, no one is paying you right now!
Alton: No sing! Trolls!

Lois, the dog, continues to sleep through the madness.

PS: I’ve lost my voice this week, and I had to cancel my mash gig tomorrow, Jan. 11.


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