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What I’m Doing Next Year

2016 December 31
by Mike Vial
Happy New Year to all of you! I’ll be at home with my family, playing board games and ringing in the new year, quietly. And 2017 plans are shaping up:

1. Starting the year right,  listening to music: I’m attending Chris Buhalis‘s annual Townes Van Zandt/Hank Williams show at Old Town Tavern in Ann Arbor on January 1st! 5 PM until whenever it stops. 

2. Writing a new record called Profiles of Courage, Vol 1.
In late 2015, I allowed myself to take a  year off from writing songs. Ginny had started walking, and I need to focus energy on releasing the record A World That’s Bigger. But I started writing again! I rebooted the PVSG song club, to stay on task. I have four new songs written–three songs finished this month alone–and I’m hoping this wave of inspiration continues. Right now, only my songwriting club PVSG has heard my demos, but I’ll post soon when I have an official plan to release new music.

3. Volunteering at a local nonprofit that supports young adults.

4. Campaigning actively for the person who throws in (her) hat for Michigan gubernatorial election in 2018.

5. Seeking a full-time teaching position. [resume]
I’d like to be teaching literature and writing again to youth by the fall. I’d be interested in a long-term sub position any time in 2017, too! I have a Masters, so teaching community college classes is also a possibility. Teacher friends, keep your ears open for me.

I’m hoping to stay within a 40 minutes (or less) commute from Ann Arbor, so I can have enough quality time with Natalie, Ginny, the new baby boy coming in June (and our dog Lois).

* * * * *
Don’t worry, music isn’t stopping! I’m healed up from the accident, and I have three-day tours planned for 2017, including shows with Amy Soucy from New York, Chaz Hearne from Chicago, and Mike Gentry and Jen Sygit from Michigan. I’ll be touring the Midwest (and maybe East Coast) next year, and my residency gigs at Cleary’s in Howell, mash in Ann Arbor, and Brighton are booked.
But as my family grows, I want to cut down on the road. Ginny and her new baby brother are going to need “Da Da,” and he doesn’t want to miss out on them.
* * * * * *

Six years ago, Natalie and I were celebrating with our lovely dog Gunshy at a party we hosted. I was dreaming of doing music full time, and Natalie and I were renting an apartment above Cleary’s Pub.

Time indeed flies by more quickly each year. I wish you a wonderful New Year. Stay in touch.


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