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89.1 FM Interview & Performance on Soundcloud

2016 November 20
by Mike Vial

My interview on 89.1 FM The Roots Music Project in now streamable on WEMU’s Soundcloud, which is posted below. Thanks to Jeremy Baldwin (host) and Mat & JP for having me in the studio!

Jeremy and I had a great conversation about the making of the record, the accident, and the influences over “A World That’s Bigger.”┬áStream the interview and performance below:

1. Interview: Story about the record
2. “A World That’s Bigger” (live) (5:05)
3. Interview: Story about the accident (8:55)
4. “Girl on the Mountain, Boy on the Beach” (14:46)
5. Interview: Musical Influences, Jeff Buckley Tribute, story about “Little Drum” (18.23)
6. “Little Drum” (live) (24:10)
7. Interview: recurring motifs on the record, next shows in Ann Arbor (27:35)
8. “We’re Not Here Anymore” (30:05)



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