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Set List – May 13 @ Old Dog Tavern

2016 May 15
by Mike Vial

May 13, 2016 – Old Dog Tavern
Kalamazoo, MI (in the round with Carrie McFerrin, Matthew Borr, and Brian Koenigsknecht)

Round One: Original Songs

  1. Damn Fine Day
  2. I Just Want to Be Your Last
  3. Ghostwriter
  4. Made a Mess

Round Two: Cover Jams

  1. Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake
  2. Drift Away  – Dobie Gray
  3. Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell

Round Three: ?

  1. Last Dance with Mary Jane – Tom Petty (everyone joined in)

A longer, third round was played, but I don’t quite remember what we did. I think we ended with the Petty tune during the third set.

I got home at 3:51 AM after driving through the worst rain storm I’ve encountered in awhile. But Ginny slept in to 9 AM!

Matthew Borr kicking some blues. #Kalamazoo

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