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Recording Updates, OH & IN tour dates

2016 April 17
by Mike Vial

Coffee Amici was a musical treat last night to play!

Big thanks to Craig for running sound, John and Danielle for brewing the coffee, and the Findlay community for sharing their night with Mike Gentry and I. Also, thanks to Josh Woodward for posting about my gig on his social media. (You’re the best, Josh!)

I love this little cafe that turns into a music listening room two nights a week. I’ve been stopping here for coffee on my road trips through Ohio for years, and the Amici staff gave me a chance to play my first show there last night. (Set list here)

Earlier in the year, Gentry and I attended the Amici open mic to help promote our show, and we met James Atkins, a killer picker and touring musician! Big thanks to James not only attending the show with his wife Emily, but also for accompanying me on my last song “Made a Mess”!

New Album: A World That’s Bigger

After a year of delays, my new record of ten songs is finally getting finished and will be out this summer!

The Dayton City Paper is running an article about my show at Taffy’s, and writer Justin Kreitzer¬†got me to open up a lot for the article about the challenges of finishing the album. I decided to put the record on hold twice, once in 2015 and again in earlier 2016, as Natalie and I were getting our bearings after two miscarriages, and a surprise roof repair needed on our house we bought in fall 2014. (Brand new roof Fannie Mae put on the house was installed incorrectly.)

When it rains it pours, but we are doing OK! (We are so blessed to have Ginny in our lives.)

Ginny's practicing her air guitar!

Ginny’s practicing her air guitar!

The article is running last week of April before my show at Taffy’s, and I’ll post it when it gets published.

After our Acorn show last week,¬†Mike Gentry said to me, “You know, we need to just finish your record! I’ve got the gear, you’ve got the songs ready to be done.”

He offered to help produce and do the final recording sessions, and I’m taking him up on the offer. We are going to pack up his mobile recording system and my stockpile of microphones, drive up to the picturesque Burg cottage in northern Michigan, and finishing tracking the album during the first week of the May; and I’m going to do some additional tracking at Solid Sounds in Ann Arbor.

The album will be a Nick Drake, Pink Moon styled record. 100% recorded live. No auto-tuning, minimal digital airbrushing, a 70s style, folk record. I’m not ready to announce the official release date for the new record, but anyone who wants to hear the songs first can sign up to my mailing list, and be the first ears to hear it before it’s out this summer.

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Friends and fans in Indiana and Ohio, I’ll be coming to your area this month! I’m playing 4/23 at Wild Rose Moons in Plymouth, IN with Tim Pike; and 4/30 at Taffy’s in Eaton, OH with Denny Cottle. Check the gigs page on the website for more info.


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