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Paying it forward, one musician’s website at a time

2016 March 10
by Mike Vial

Many years ago, our friend Sherri helped Natalie and I learn how to make WordPress sites on afternoon. One afternoon of her kindness sharing knowledge changed our lives quickly.

Last week, I payed it forward by helping Mike Gentry get his first website up and going.

However, when I was paying it forward, I learned a new WordPress trick, which saved me from having to redo my website’s theme this year!

That’s the great part about teaching; you always learn something new.

PS: Go give Mike Gentry a like on his new Facebook page, too:

Mike Gentry plays his original song "The Way It Goes" live at The Trinity House Theatre Livonia, MI 1-5-2016 Video credit – Joseph Judge

Posted by Mike Gentry Music on Monday, March 7, 2016



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