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A no today, does not mean a no tomorrow.

2016 March 9
by Mike Vial

When pitching for gigs, submitting to song competitions, asking to co-write, etc, remember, a no today does not mean a no tomorrow.

Keep working on your craft; then try again next year.

Then again, we can always ignore the no.

Get rejected for SXSW? Spend that $800-1200 you were going to pay to fly out two of the speakers to your town and create your own mini-conference. Did the most important venue neglect to answer your email pitch for your CD release show? Rent out an auditorium, fill it, take videos of it; then pitch again next year.

Better to be the musician who gets a no today, than the one who never asks and is always wondering; and even better to be the musician to takes a no and creatively makes it a yes on their own terms.


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