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The story about Paul McCartney’s “Let It Be”

2016 March 3
by Mike Vial

“Speaking words of wisdom, let it be…” – Paul McCartney

Have you read this older post about “The Story Behind Paul’s “Let It Be'”?
–  read here at

At Expressions Music Academy, our music students performed “Let It Be” in December 2014, with the talented teacher/producer Michael Swain behind the keys and me on bass.

I’ve known this song’s musicality well; but today I’ve stumbled upon the story.

The song’s story is archetypal:

  • Paul’s mom appearing in his dream, saying that lead lyric;
  • the potential for religious interpretation;
  • the song being written quickly, as inspiration often does;
  • the sense of time in the lyrics;
  • the structure of three being used (if you look past verse/chorus, you will see three sections, three shifts of perspective).

And today’s a tough day for us at the Vial/Burg house; it’s like this song’s story came to us on purpose…

Sometimes we stumble upon a song we thought we knew quite well, and see it in an new light. And that’s the power of music.

Let it be.



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