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Massaging the fantasy

2016 February 25
by Mike Vial

Mike Gentry and I drove to an open mic in Ohio a few weeks ago, discussing the oddities of the music business during our commute.

“A lot of it is massaging the fantasy,” Gentry concluded.

What a quotable notable!

My wife Natalie told me how there is a bigger business in being a writer that tells amateur writers how to make a career in writing, as there is in actually being a writer.

Basically, people make a living in helping creative folks massage the fantasy.

Are you spending more time and money researching how to do the thing you want to do?

The best way to massage the fantasy is keep your goals realistic and actionable; then get working.

You might not play Carnegie Hall, but you can play the best 200-400 capacity venue in your town if you get creative. You might not be picked to win a Grammy, but if you work on your songwriting every day, you are going to change someone’s life.

Your creativity probably doesn’t need another masseuse; it needs your own hands to get working.

My man Mike Gentry sounded superb last night at Coffee Amici in Findlay, Ohio!

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