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Workshop: “How to Book 1000 Gigs, DIY”

2015 December 2
by Mike Vial

Musicians and songwriters, I’m hosting a workshop about the music business titled, “How to Book 1000 Gigs, DIY”

I’m hosting a workshop January 3rd at my Dixboro Guitar studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Buy a ticket here. Cost is $10 to attend. Very limited seating. Includes a PDF eBook of tips (emailed December 31st), pizza and coffee.

This is an opportunity for us to kickstart our new year with strategies. Topics I’m covering include:

DIY touring, house concerts, stream/sales, selling merch on the road, promoting techniques, current music trends, and most importantly, staying organized like a business. I’ll be an open book about my 4+ years full time music, too.



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