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7124 Tuxedo, Detroit

2015 November 12
by Mike Vial

I’m inspired by Detroit Free Press writer Stephen Henderson’s “Through the Doors of 7124 Tuxedo, Detroit, MI” (read article here).

Don’t tl;dr this.

Read every paragraph; pause; take a sip of your coffee, and ponder the complexity of what Henderson is embracing:

life through his hometown, his family, his past, and Detroit’s past and future, a corner of the Motor City that has been ignored.

7124 Tuxedo is 13 miles away from where I grew up in Dearborn Heights, and you know what? Those 13 miles feel like an Atlantic Ocean. Incredible. (My current house is almost the same distance away from the other corner of Ann Arbor, but it feels like the same place.)

He’s understand’s the complexities of his mission, too:┬áThis isn’t about swooping in and solving, magically, the deep, intractable problems of that neighborhood or the city surrounding it. This is one person’s idea for one house.”

7124 Tuxedo is a tangible action, yet also a symbol: one person, one house, one neighborhood, one commitment. What will your one mission be?


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