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I liked that band before they were on the radio…

2015 October 29
by Mike Vial

In 1994, I heard Bush’s “Everything Zen” on Henry Ford Community College radio station, WHFR 89.3. The DJ said, “Once this goes mainstream, we won’t play it anymore, so let’s enjoy it while we can.” During art club one evening, I snuck out the back door, walked down to Desirable Discs music store, bought Sixteen Stone, and felt like the coolest kid in school because I felt like the first kid to have it in my neighborhood. By the time Bush was on MTV, I would show off my early pressings that is missing title on the back of the CD cover. [I know, I’m still a dork.]

What’s the equivalent to that experience now-a-days?

“I listened to them before they had 1,000,000 views on Youtube!” or “I listened to them before they were on Spotify’s Global Top 50!”

Doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it’s actually the same action: seeking and embracing new stuff. Being an early adopter.

Plus, now we have the ability to curate it and share it with our little circles. Like making a mixtape for a friend. So here are some great bands you can say you heard before they had 1,000,000 streams, songs that mean a lot to me.

Sedgewick – Gardens EP

Darlingside – Birds Say

Jean Rohe – Jean Rohe & the End of the World Show

Gabriel Kahane – The Ambassador

Nataly Dawn – How I Knew Her


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