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I don’t listen to the radio

2013 August 15
by Mike Vial

In the late 90s, even till 2004/05, it meant something to say, “I don’t listen to the radio. Radio sucks!’

It was a statement of honor made by the true music fan.

Now, most of us don’t listen to  commercial radio as often as we did before iPods and smart phones and streaming platforms. Radio is having less and less of an impact each year. Tons more of niches and podcasts and Internet radio statements and Spotify playlists and Youtube channels appear each year.

The country’s ears are fragmented into many sections.

Yet, we still might hear someone (usually in their 30s or 40s) say, with pride, “I don’t listen to the radio!”

Of course you don’t! Most of us don’t!

Yet most adults are overwhelmed. They don’t know where to go to find new music they will enjoy. There are so many places to listen to new music, it’s overwhelming.

Now, it means more to make a statement about where you are finding new music, rather than saying where you aren’t finding it.

* * *

I thought I’d share some spots where I’ve been discovering new music:


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