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Recording New Songs in September

2011 September 12

I’m heading back to Catherine North Studios to record another set of songs with producer Michael Chambers this month!¬†Marshall Block at RealiiReel Studios and David Mosher from his home studio will be doing some tracking for me too.

Recording dates are Sept 19-Sept 21st and tentative release date is Halloween. This will be a full band creation that features Stuart Tucker on drums, David Mosher on fiddle and maybe mandolin, Michael Chambers on bass and piano, Hannah Fralick on vocals, and possibly more.

Current songs being demoed include:

  1. Empty Cup
  2. Love and Be Proud
  3. I Know I Made a Mess This Time
  4. I Will (If Your Plane Is Late)
  5. I Just Want to Be Your Last
  6. Ohio (Neil Young cover)

I’m thinking four will be on the EP. It’s going to be a whirlwind of three days of recording and then a day or two of mixing. My goal is to kick this EP out in a week!


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