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Dave Cool’s Free Book: Attending Music Conf 101

2011 April 26
by Mike Vial

Brian Franke, singer-songwriter from Washington, DC, shared a cool, free digital book with his Twitter followers today:  Dave Cool’s: Attending Music Conferences 101.

One quote jumped out at me immediately:

A Cool book!“Another extremely important thing to do is to be sure that your best
songs are featured in a place that is easy for people to find and listen
to. Not download. Not purchase. Simply listen to. One reason that
many bookers still check an artist’s MySpace page
is because it is just
easier to find the artist’s music to listen to. Often artist websites have
all sorts of bells and whistles and fancy design, and the last thing a
booker wants to do is spend 5 minutes trying to find where they can
listen to the artist’s music.”   (Cool 3)

Absolutely. This applies to gaining new fans who check out your website!


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