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Can Metal Go Acoustic?

2011 March 23
by Mike Vial

Yes! Even metal bands can create acoustic versions of their songs. At least song of their songs.
The key lies in the songwriting. A versatile song is one that stands on it’s own, with or without fast, distorted guitar or double bass drums.

My friend Les Zaldor (of Zaldor’s World podcast) and I saw Seasons After play at Bullfrogs Bar and Grill in Redford, MI years ago. They blew us away with an acoustic set.

After the show, Les and I were talking to the lead guitar player. He admitted, “We’ve never really practiced these acoustic arrangements. The label booked a few radio performances for us, so we simply had to do them acoustically. We just winged it and it turned out OK…”

I was floored! What a great example of an uncomfortable situation becoming the catalyst for a fresh take on metal songs!

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