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100 Years Ago, 100 Years From Now…

2020 December 29
by Mike Vial
During the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919, some people poked holes in their masks to smoke, protesting local ordinances. Anti-mask leagues abounded, but most abided.

100 years later, we don’t gaze upon these photos of perforation with pride. We see, with clarity, those choices as misguided actions; however, we also pause, and look upon other questions:

100 years from now, what will our great grandchildren observe about our actions during this coronavirus pandemic? What will our time capsules of social media reveal about our nature? Did we protect ourselves and neighbor? Or did we pierce and puncture holes in safety, then publicly share and propagate? We all play a role in this group project.

I pray that future generations can feel pride in our next four to six months. They may applaud our miraculous, scientific speed as we vaccinate populations, but they will also note the miracles present in your daily sacrifices, your stamina, your conviction.

If you, too, feel another plague periodically—the plague of losing hope—remember, your photos of sacrifice sustain my hope, and maybe mine yours. Pandora’s box will close; hope will remain.

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