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Detroit: Which story do you hear?

2013 July 26
by Mike Vial

Detroit’s action of filing for bankruptcy has caused a media frenzy. Which story are you hearing?

1. You would be naive to disbelieve Detroit is in ruin: It has major crime, abandoned neighborhoods, poor achieving schools, failing infrastructure, overwhelming debt…

2. The media is only reporting the negatives and ignoring the positives: the new creatives, the Midtown revival, the higher education and medical districts, urban farming, the art community at Russell Industrial, Groovebox Studios, the investments by Dan Gilbert, Hatch Detroit…

Sure, we can argue which story is more true, but what’s more important–for you as a musician, artist, worker–is which story resonants more, for you.

Both stories are true. Both stories are here for us to hear. You choose which story resonates for you.

PS: The Detroit discussion is just like the current state of the music business (It’s terrible; it’s thriving). Both are true; which one resonates for you, is up to you.

PSS: If you seek positive media attention for Detroit, Natalie wrote a cool article for Forbes about the comeback of industrial centers. Read here

PSSS: Check out Molly Jean’s cool article about S’mittenfest happening the same day as the bankruptcy announcement. Read here

PSSSS: Another good post.


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