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What’s more powerful for you?

2013 July 23
by Mike Vial

What’s more powerful for you:

Reading an email or getting a handshake?

Getting a message from a band on Facebook or seeing them attend your weeknight show?

Seeing a picture of your friend’s baby on Instagram or holding the baby in your arms?

We create our pages on Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Facebook, Twitter, Etsy…Then our two feet remain planted under our desks as we desperately worry about how many  social media followers we have.

But it’s the art that reaches people, not the Internet.

Could we make more connections to people in one day busking on the streets of Ann Arbor, like the Violin Monster does, than by asking our Facebook friends to “like our page”?

(I currently have 185 page invite requests. 185!)

Internet connections are wonderful tools, but they should connect us with our communities; not become the primary connections we cultivate.

We are lucky to have Lois who encourages breaks from blinky screens.

Lois is a not only a great copy editor, but a great motivator to get off the couch and go for a walk.


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